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You’ll find things here that interest me and that I like creating, such as video game reviews, short stories, essays.


I began writing because the impulse arose like an undeniable truth. My intense, vivid dreams, my love for story-driven video games and books, my fascination for dark, post-apocalyptic worlds all culminated to an obvious answer: I had to begin writing something of my own.

Thus, my first work Somagenesis began based off of particularly memorable dream imagery combined with a slew of additional lies to make it a plausible story with actual substance. And of course, my favorite: bizarre descriptions of erratic megastructures and biomechanical pestilence infecting blood.

My work is heavily influenced by the more existential realms of philosophy, probing the relationship between our own consciousness and reality as well as what it means to derive meaning (or discover a nauseating dearth) from suffering. My own struggles with mental health and the questions I’ve faced in my life inadvertently arise and are given space to process and cycle anew.

When Somagenesis is complete, my only hope is that the story of Svea, a woman haunted by her abusive past and traumatic memories can make at least one person other than myself think or feel something.

In the near future, you can check out a novella I’ve written called Obstinance, which is a first-person log account of Dr. Samantha Reeves, a neuroscientist who played a role in Svea’s childhood. I plan to post it here eventually.


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