Infused in the Surface

posted on 12 Aug 2023

Noise cancelling headphones are not enough to block this world out. They are designed for low-frequency background noise, such as that of an airplane or a lawn mower. I’ve yet to own a pair that can cancel out the rancid cackling of voices. Or the sonorous landfill of modern music blasting at full volume while I sit at a cafe.

It’s a distraction. People are unable to exist without its presence. They cannot sit in quiet, they cannot exist among one another in silence. As soon as they tune out of the high-stimulation frequency, the thoughts and emotions they have been suppressing begin to rear themselves like shit in the colon. And they don’t want that; it’s terrifying and messy when it comes out, isn’t it? Best to ignore such aspects of life.

A perfect concoction. Hide everything. Don’t think. Numb yourself. Ignore. Never venture past the surface; the demons that are inside would tear you to pieces.

These are the only things that I hear from the autotuned noise that emantates from the speakers. I wish they would die, just as I wish the surface of everything would be demolished so they could spill their innards and make us all drown.

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